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Smart Music For Your Business

Get in touch with your customers,
increase their experience and your profit

What is SoundJuke?

Choose between 2 great background music solutions

SoundJuke Venue small

SoundJuke Venue

SoundJuke Venue is a simple background music solution for your business. It includes an online management dashboard for all your locations. It is perfect for every business with more than one location or where management is the only one in charge of the music.

More about VENUE

SoundJuke Venue small
SoundJuke Bar icon

SoundJuke Bar

SoundJuke BAR is especially designed for bars, restaurants or cantina’s. At any given moment you have access to the newest hits or golden oldies from the friendly touch optimized interface.

More about BAR

Always the best music

Automatically play the best songs either from well-known commercial artists or choose for upcoming artists with commercial free music. Our music team collaborates with our app users to create the perfect playlist for you.

More about the music

SoundJuke jukebox app

Grow your business

Increase interactivity with our unique Jukebox app

Included with SoundJuke Venue and SoundJuke Bar

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Increase the time guests or visitors stay at your business
  • Ease waiting time at attractions or with long lines
  • Gain more exposure on Social Media with in-app share options
  • Involve your guests and show them you care about their opinion
  • Add a promotion channel to your marketing strategy
SoundJuke jukebox app

Multiple locations?

With SoundJuke you control them all

Take control of your background music in all your locations. With SoundJuke Venue you can easily add locations, control audio advertising and schedule specific playlists.

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SoundJuke VENUE

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SoundJuke BAR

For bars or restaurants

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