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SoundJuke VENUE

Take control of your background music

SoundJuke Venue is a simpel background music solution for your business. It includes an online management dashboard for all your locations. It is perfect for every business with more than one location or where management is the only one in charge of the music.

SoundJuke venue

Control all your music via the online dashboard

You can access the online dashboard from any PC or tablet. Control your music preferences, audio commercials and music schedule from your home, HQ or every other location with internet. The online dashboard gives access to all options like disabling individual songs and select the right atmosphere for the right moment.

Music your customers love

Automatic music updates

Automatic updates

We will update the music for you. No need to spent time updating your own playlists and check out what track is hot.

Set preferences

You’re in control

Easily set your preferences from the playlists our music team has created. Our stations are tailor made for every business type.

Save money

Save money

You can save money payed to rights organization by selecting high quality commercial free music.

Offer our unique jukebox app to your customers

Optional and free

Compose a playlist and let customers pick their favorite songs thru the free SoundJuke app. By involving clients and giving them the power to decide in which order the songs of your playlist are being played,
you add interactivity, involvement and of course fun!

This will result in extra sales.

SoundJuke app features

Choose how you play it

Download our free software

Download the free player software on your own Windows device and connect it to your amplifier and speakers.

Use our SoundJuke musicplayer in your locations(s). Ideal for businesses with more than one location or if you want to prevent employers playing inappropriate songs from another source like for example youtube.

Download player


Your music settled for a scharp, fixed price per month.



Free jukebox-app for customers

Choose between commercial or royalty free music

Suitable for various locations (price per location)

Exclude non suitable tracks

Add your own commercials

Automatically the newest hits

More then 10 locations?

Contact us for a taylor-made quote for your business

Call +31 (0) 70 203 3001 or email

7 Day Free trail

Experience SoundJuke VENUE first hand without any strings attached

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