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SoundJuke BAR

Specifically designed for bars, restaurants and cantina’s

SoundJuke BAR is the best background music solution for the hospitality business. At any given moment you have access to the newest hits or golden oldies from the friendly touch optimized interface.

It is in your hands

Have full control of your background music on the spot

SoundJuke BAR is software to control your music. The person behind the bar can always pick the right music corresponding the current atmosphere. The software is easy to use and is used in many hospitality businesses.

You can easily create your own playlists and look up all your favorite hits. If you would like to switch mood quickly, just select one of the standard updated playlists our music team created.

Music your customers love

Automatic music updates

Automatic updates

We will update the music for you. No need to spent time updating your own playlists and check out what track is hot.

Set preferences

You’re in control

Easily set your preferences from the playlists our music team has created. Our stations are tailor made for every business type.

Involve customers

Involve customers

Interact with your guests and let them request their favorite tracks with our free jukebox app.

Offer our unique jukebox app to your customers

Optional and free

Compose a playlist and let customers pick their favorite songs thru the free SoundJuke app. By involving clients and giving them the power to decide in which order the songs of your playlist are being played,
you add interactivity, involvement and of course fun!

This will result in extra sales.

SoundJuke app features

Download our software for free

You can try SoundJuke BAR on your own Windows PC for 14 days without any cost.

Need a new touchscreen PC? We have selected the right model for you!

* Contact us for current price of the touch computer. 


SoundJuke BAR including the JukeBox app has a simple price plan of 49,- euro a month*

*Most pubs have a long-term contract. Contact us for information about our unique switching service.

14 Day Free trail

Experience SoundJuke BAR first hand without any strings attached

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